There are many options when it comes to transportation in Denver, and it can be overwhelming.
From ride shares to taxis, to limousines, what are you supposed to choose? Well, it of course
will depend on the type of service you’re looking for. You may be surprised to find that
limousines are one of the most affordable transportation options in Denver.
When you use rideshare services like Uber or Lyft, you’re getting a ride but losing out on luxury.
Travel used to be something to splurge on, and that is lost on things like rideshares and taxis.
Next time you’re looking for transportation in Denver, consider a limousine. They aren’t only for
the rich and famous, and with a fancy vehicle, you’re also getting 5-star service from a
professional instead of someone driving you around in their Honda Civic.
At Denver Worldwide Transportation, we offer several types of limousine services you can
choose from. You don’t need to be from out of town to enjoy the luxury that is a stretch limo ride.
If you don’t like stretch limos, we’ve got plenty of other options to choose from! Let’s look at the
history of limousines and why you should choose one the next time you need transportation in

A Brief History of the Limousine

To start, limousines date back to before automobiles were even on the road. In fact, the first
limousine was a horse-drawn carriage seen in the 1700s. The carriage was no ordinary
carriage. It was lavishly decorated and was typically used to transport wealthy people around.
If you’re wondering where the word limousine comes from, researchers suggest it comes from
the French region of Limousin. The reason for this is thought to be because the covered portion
of the vehicle looked like a type of cloak people wore in Limousin at the time. These fancy
carriages had a similar setup to the modern Denver limousine of today, except the driver was
outside. The idea was to give the wealthy passengers privacy in an enclosed space.
The first motorized limousine was manufactured in 1902. In the first limos, drivers still sat on the
outside much like the carriages, while passengers were in an enclosed space. They also
weren’t designed in the stretch style that we see in modern limousines. Each car could only hold
around 3-5 people.
Now, let’s flash forward to 1928. This is when we first see the stretch limousine. It was created
by a company called Armbuster in Fort Smith, Arkansas. The original use for stretch limos was
to cart around famous jazz musicians and their bands. If you’ve ever seen a jazz band, you
know there are typically several members and instruments, so a limousine is a perfect vessel to
transport them.
After seeing this stylish vehicle, other groups started to embrace the design and it became a
status symbol. As the film industry grew, celebrities used limousines as transportation for a
variety of reasons. One of those reasons was that Hollywood events usually involved a lot of
alcohol, so attendees would need a safe and stylish way to get home. From then on, the
limousine became a popular style of vehicle manufactured by brands like Cadillac and Rolls
Limousines have since been a popular form of transportation for the famous, as well as the
not-so-famous. You don’t have to be a millionaire to enjoy the luxury of a limousine ride in

Benefits of Denver Limousine Services

Other than looking and feeling luxurious, there are several benefits to choosing a limo service in
Denver. They are safe, luxurious, and cost-effective to name a few. Let’s look at some of the top
benefits you’ll receive when you hire a Denver limousine.


When you choose a limo service in Denver, you’re choosing a professional. That means your
driver will know their way around and has the proper licensure to make sure you get to your
destination safely. All of our drivers must go through a background check before they’re put in
charge of one of our limousines. Limousines are also fully insured and checked to make sure
they are in tip-top shape before being used for service.

Saves You Time

Everyone is busy, and if you have to drive yourself somewhere, that takes time away that you
could be doing something productive. When you hire a limo service in Denver, you’ll have the
back to yourself and you can get some work done, rest, or whatever you desire.

You’ll Be On TIme

If you’re traveling to Denver from the airport, a limo driver is going to be able to get you where
you’re going efficiently. You won’t have to worry about getting lost or turning around if you went
the wrong way. The driver takes care of everything for you.

You’ll Look Important

On your way to a big meeting? Arriving in a limo is going to make a good impression. As a
status symbol, hiring a limo will impress your clients, or whoever it is you’re meeting with. It will
also make you appear confident.

Limousines are Cost-Effective

While it may seem like a limousine would be the most expensive option in Denver, that’s not
true. Rideshares can add up and the prices are unpredictable. Limousines have fixed rates that
you’ll pay ahead of time with no surprises. They can also transport large groups, whereas you
may have to hire several ride shares if you’re traveling with many people.

It’s Fun!

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember to have fun right? Hiring a Denver limousine for
your wedding, prom, or any gathering is a great way to make getting there part of the memories.
Our limos are equipped with drinks and forms of entertainment to keep you having fun the whole
way to your destination.

Denver Limousine Services

When it comes to transportation in Denver, you want to make sure you’re in good hands.
Whether you need a ride to the airport, are planning a wedding, or want to party in style, Denver
Worldwide Transportation offers plenty of limousine services to fit your needs.

Denver Airport Limousine

As far as cities go, Denver is pretty spread out. Not to mention the airport is about 40 minutes
from the city center. If you’re unfamiliar with the area, it can be a little confusing to get around.
Hiring a Denver limo service will ensure that you arrive and depart in style. You also won’t get
If you’re heading to the airport, our drivers know that it can take a while to get through security. If
you’re checking a bag, you’ll also need to arrive earlier. Our drivers will pick you up and get you
there with plenty of time.

Prom and Homecoming

We know how important it is to ensure your teens have an amazing, yet safe night at prom and
homecoming. Send your teens off to prom in a stretch limo to make sure they have the best
memories of their special day! Our professional drivers will ensure they arrive and get home
safely from the event.

Large Group Luxury Vans

If you are planning to host an event for a large group, we’ve got you covered. We also host a
fleet of luxury vans with plenty of seating along with a professional driver for your Denver limo
needs. Luxury vans are great for shuttling people to and from weddings safely, or corporate

Bachelorette Parties

At Denver Worldwide Transportation, we know how to have a good time. Our fleet includes
luxury limousines to escort your bachelorette party all around Denver. You can throw back as
many drinks as you want knowing you have a safe ride home for you and your friends.
Nothing says corporate confidence like a Denver limousine. Next time you have a big meeting,
consider hiring a limo to pick up your client. They will be impressed, and never forget the


To sum it up, when it comes to transportation in Denver, you can’t go wrong with a limousine.
You’re supporting the rich history behind the classic stretch limo-style even when choosing a
different type of car. While the limousine was originally intended for the rich and famous, it’s
actually an affordable mode of transportation in Denver.
When you rely on rideshare services, you may end up with a driver who doesn’t know the area,
or in an unsatisfactory car. When you hire a limo service, you know you’ll be receiving luxury at
an affordable rate.
Denver Worldwide Transportation offers limousine services for all your needs. Our mission is to
provide you with luxury transportation that won’t break the bank. Check out our rates today!