If you’re looking to arrive on the scene in style wherever you’re going, you’ve probably already considered a limousine. However, you may not know that there are different types of limousines designed to cater to the precise needs of the occasion.

You might be amazed at some of the options available, and there are plenty available at Denver’s best limousine service. So let’s dive into some of the most jaw-dropping limos out there.

Here Are 4 Different Amazing Types of Limousines

Learn about the various types of eye-catching, versatile limos below.

          1. Standard Stretch Limo

Let’s start our list by revisiting the classic standard stretch limo everyone knows and loves. The vehicle is synonymous with luxury and superstardom, where you see celebrities, royalty, and other VIPS arrive in these famously long cars.

Not all are made the same, but some are amazing. On the outside, they scream elegance and class, and on the inside, they provide everything you need to get the party started. You’ll find luxurious leather interiors, vibrant lighting, and champagne holders in most stretch limousines.

          2. Shuttle Limo

The saying goes that bigger is better, and that’s the case with the shuttle limo. This luxury vehicle may not be as long as a stretch limo, but what it lacks in length, it makes up for in features.

Shuttle limos can hold larger parties with the same assets as a stretch limo and even more. This bulky transport also has TVs and media instalments to keep the entertainment flowing, making longer journeys more accessible and enjoyable.

          3. Luxury Town Car

Sometimes you may prefer your own vehicle space as an individual or enjoy private transport as a couple. Luxury town cars are limousines designed for that purpose, the most refined way for a personal driver to carry you to your destination.

These vehicles may not boast all the features of more oversized transport like the stretch or shuttle limo, but that doesn’t make it any less unforgettable. The experience of travelling in a car aligned with the highest echelons of society feels fantastic.

          4. SUV Limo

SUV limos are a neat cross between a shuttle limo and a luxury town car. It has the size to make a transport statement when arriving, bringing importance with its stunning polished black and chrome aesthetic and the interior space to hold a small party.

These vehicles are unique on the road, giving passengers stylish transport when travelling to a party or event. There’s a reason why so many famous musicians, actors, and celebrities use SUV limos to get from place to place!

Amaze Everyone Arriving in a Limousine

Are you looking to make an entrance at your event? Perhaps you want a more comfortable way to travel? Or do you want to take your party on the road? These different types of limousines are more than capable of accommodating your every wish, but where can you find a fleet of these extraordinary vehicles?

Denver Worldwide Transportation has these vehicles ready and willing to take you and any other passengers on the road. Enjoy the best limo service in Denver, our incredible cars, and a chauffeur catering to your requirements.